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Choosing your wand
                                   Your wand is linked with worship of the sacred tree, it symbolises the extension of your personal power, it is important that you choose your wand for the type of wood and that woods association of themes...... please see below 
Apple - Wealth, money, love, fertility
Ash - Healing
Birch - Cleansing, new beginnings, dawn, purity
Elder - Witchcraft, banishment, magical art, waters of life
Hawthorn - Protection, fairy magick, wishes
Hazel - Divination and wisdom
Holly -  Consecration, material gain, beauty, strength, will to survive
Oak - Power, strength, protection
Pine - Strength, life and immortality, rejuvenation
Rowan - Protection, magick
Willow - Moon magic, psychic energy, healing, inspiration, fertility
In simple terms this means you need the right tools to do the right job, for example you wouldn't use a blow torch when you really need a hammer the same applies to wands ...each type of wood has powers that are best matched to the theme of your workings ie: you don't want to be using a apple healing wand when what you really need a birch banishing wand.
Your wand links you to natures power,you should choose a wand that seems to call you, by doing so you will know you have the right wand.
It is best to have a collection of wands, (from us :)) by doing so you will always have the right tools for any of your workings.